Why You Should Choose a Niche


I have noticed that there is a trend among spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs avoiding getting specific about who they serve and what problem do they fix for them.

People pay for solutions to their problems.

So even though your services may offer much more than just a solution to a specific problem, it is really important to start there. And then provide more than your clients signed up for once they are in the door so to speak.

Problems generally fall into a few broad categories with several sub-categories:

::Money- career, business, job dissatisfaction, wealth mindset and manifestation etc

::Health/beauty- pain conditions, weight loss, aging, insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.

::Relationships- marriage, divorce, dating, parenting, death of a loved one etc.

So who do you serve and what problem or set of related problems do you solve?

I will start.

I am an Intuitive Business Coach. I serve sensitive women (usually empaths) entrepreneurs who are wanting to start an abundant business aligned with their life purpose but are struggling with lack of clarity, confidence, clients, and as a result income.

So the problem I solve would fit into the broad category of money but the blocks that must be overcome to get there are the lack of clarity, confidence, and clients.

Let me know about yours!