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"Within two weeks of working with Dana, I had 4 new clients sign up for my healing packages."

I was drawn to work with Dana because of the way that she saw ME and my talents and how to let my natural personality traits really SHINE in my business - without making any apologies for who I am. I was able to tell her my deepest fears about building my business and working with clients, and we blasted through them.

I really appreciated her calling “bulls*t” when I wasn’t able to do it myself. 

Within two weeks after working with Dana, I had 4 new clients sign up for healing packages.

I love every minute of my work with my clients and I’m so grateful that Dana helped me into alignment.

Joia Gibble | Career Coach

"Two weeks into working together, I had my first program not only sold out - but I opened a second group and sold that out too!"

I initially decided to work with Dana because I had heard she has a particular magic with that (which is more than true).

One Saturday I was feeling blocked and frustrated, Dana hopped on the phone with me and quickly cleared some blocks and beliefs. Well, that afternoon, I made TO THE DOLLAR what I had earned the ENTIRE month previously.

That was not a fluke. Every time Dana has cleared blocks for me, the clients begin flowing!  As a healer myself, I understand the enormous value in working with someone who is intuitive and gifted like Dana. If you are ready to REALLY take your practice to the next level, or next 10 levels, I highly HIGHLY recommend working with Dana.

Elysia Hartzell | Whole Person Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Theta Healing

"No cookie cutter coaching here."

When I met Dana. I was stuck. I had been working with a different niche that wasn’t clearly defined, came off confusing and most importantly wasn’t in line with the work I was supposed to be doing with my niche.

Working with Dana has been a blessing. Not only was she able to help me clarify my niche but she was able to give me the tools/pricing to set up the perfect program for my clients.

Mind you, all this was done with love and with the intention of what I was ready for at this time. No cookie cutter coaching here. That’s what I love about Dana. Her work is divinely customized to you and your ideal client.

Nicholas Pepe | Energy Healer

Dana’s loving support, amazing psychic guidance and powerful strategic coaching, showed me how to take my business to my first 5-figure month in less than 12 weeks.

She showed me how to connect my gifts as an Energy Practitioner to the work that I do as a Writer and Copywriter so I could create offerings and services that are distinctive and perfectly suited to who I am and how I want to show up in the world.

Dana has helped me connect with beautiful, soulful clients that I love and who are excited to work with me.

She’s shown me that it’s not just possible but vital to be spiritual and rich (in every sense of the word) because it allows you to do the work you were born to do and to serve in a way that brings you AND your clients joy, freedom and enduring prosperity.

She is intuitively strategic as a business coach. If you’re looking for someone who can show you how to rise up, channel your strength, gifts and personal power to achieve and exceed your income goals and become all that you are meant to be as a spiritual entrepreneur, I dare you to find a better coach than Dana Kalin! 

Shantini Suntharajah | Intuitive Copywriter


I would recommend the entrepreneur that has been doing the footwork in business for awhile and is really ready to expand their online business work with Dana.

The best thing about Dana is she holds a higher vision of you then you hold for yourself. 

Before I met Dana I had a good business in my local area and now it has expanded outside my local area to the online world where it is really expanding for the first time ever!

Thank you Dana for believing in me and my abilities! 

Ondrea Lynn | Intuitive Personal Trainer