The lights came on.

The darkness faded and brilliant, dazzling light surrounded me. It was an addictively peaceful feeling despite the chaos happening all around me.

And then I opened my eyes. I’d fallen into the pool, hitting my head on the way in and drowning. A handy bit of CPR brought me back.

It was the first of several times in my life when I would stare death in the face.

The lights came on.

Bright, hospital lights, the blinding kind that makes everything look so stark. I’d become a regular in that hospital, my body ravaged by years of self-imposed abuse in the form of anorexia and bulimia.

But this time it was different.

My potassium level had dropped so low that I’d suffered a heart attack. I was all alone. Nobody was there because nobody cared anymore. I’d never fit in or made friends easily, but by this point in my life, I’d managed to alienate my entire family and everyone close to me.

I was only 21, but everyone looked at me like I was a lost cause, a walking catastrophe.

No one expected me to see my 25th birthday.

But I’d cheated death once before and I wasn’t going down without a fight. It was time to make a change.

I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t know how to live either. And so began the process of letting go of all my self-destruction. Along came the intense process of dismantling myself and slowly putting myself back together again.

And so, I took my first bold step out of the darkness that had become my haven and into the light, finding the magic within me. I embarked upon a spiritual journey that gave my life the purpose I’d been so desperately seeking.

After hiring a coach who specializes in eating disorders, I discovered the power of coaching.

I became a certified coach, and for the first time in my life I felt wide awake.

I’d finally discovered the beauty of living in alignment…

Living energetically in flow with no resistance, just embracing the joy in life.

The lights came on.

The Christmas tree’s lights filled the room. I watched my daughter make her way toward the tree, moving with as much grace and determination as her toddler legs could muster. Smiling to myself, I watched the lights sparkle, reflected in her luminous brown eyes.

After a lifetime of navigating my way through the darkness, I finally learned how to make the darkness go away by turning on the lights.

I had a near-death experience when I was five, but I wasn’t meant to die that day. I had a heart attack at 21, but I wasn’t meant to die that day either. As I sat and basked in the colorful Christmas lights, I felt alive.

I’d spent a lifetime testing the limits of my mortality, but the truth is, it was more of a balancing act, walking somewhere along the fine line between darkness and light.

There’s a reason I didn’t die…

I’m determined to make an impact on the world, challenging the conventional thinking that spiritualists are meant to be poor. My soul mission is helping spiritual entrepreneurs attain wealth, raising the universe’s collective vibe, making our world even more amazing.

When wealth is accumulated in the hands of those who can do the most good with it, that can and will completely change the world.

I wasn’t expected to live to be 25 and no one expected me to achieve anything at all. But despite the odds, despite being alone, despite coming so close to having the lights go out forever…

I’m now a successful multiple 6-figure coach and I help spiritual entrepreneur achieve the income and impact that they desire.

I’ve learned that life has the meaning we give it. I had the option to continue down a destructive path, but I chose something different and it’s turned my life around.

There comes a time when you have to do what makes you happy, that thing that makes your heart flutter, but in a good way. There comes a moment when you have to embrace your spiritual gifts and change the world the way you were put on earth to do.

It’s an odd fusion of raw vulnerability and steely conviction, making your way into the light, leaving the darkness behind you.

For me, it’s a familiar, well-traveled road. I’m here to take you on that journey, helping you share your magic with the world.

I promise it will be a wild, enchanting ride. Are you ready?