Focus On Inspired Action


As an entrepreneur you’re responsible to no one but yourself. There’s no boss telling you what to do or when. That reality can be a blessing, but it’s also a nightmare if you aren’t taking action.

You MUST take action if you want a successful business. It’s that simple. And if you’re not seeing results, this may be where you’re getting stuck.

Maybe you’ve downloaded all the opt-in freebies you can get your hands on, watched a ton of webinars, and even invested in a few courses. But without taking action to implement what you’ve learned? Your business remains stagnant.

It’s scary to put yourself out there, but it’s critical to move forward.

So focus your intention on taking action consistently. Even when you don’t feel like doing something, and even when the path ahead isn’t clearly defined.

Because without action? Your business doesn’t exist.


Make Sure Your Niche is Working For You


Having a powerful niche can really help you to position yourself in your service based business.

So that your ideal clients can clearly what you do and how you can help them

A couple of very simple ways you can determine if your niche is going to work for you besides trial and error are:

1. Determine if you are solving a problem or problems or a need that your ideal client actually has. This is deceptively simple but many entrepreneurs struggle with this one and offer services that do not exactly meet their ideal clients where they are at.

For example empowerment coaching sounds nice and many people would be well served to be more empowered but not many people wake up in the morning with the thought of I really need to get more empowered today. It may show up as wanting to improve their relationship with their spouse, children, wanting to make more money or regain their health or something along those lines and if a coach specializes in helping women make more money in their jobs or lose weight and the way to this is through empowerment coaching then people can see the value and make the investment more easily.

The only difference is really focusing on the end result that you are getting your clients rather than the method which is a bit intangible and isn’t really a niche at all.

2. Ask yourself if you would invest in your own services ( your ideal clients are going to bear many similarities to yourself so if your niche is not providing a service that you yourself would invest in or would have invested in in the past there is a good chance it is not something they are looking for either).

This also works in reverse as many of the things you have invested in are also going to be things that your ideal clients will value as well.


3 Ways to Master Your Message


Knowing what you want to say, and saying it in a way that resonates with your prospects is crucial to a successful business. Here’s how to do it:

Stay grounded – Use words that the people you’re speaking to will understand. Cut the jargon and fancy terms – simple is better here.

Show benefits – Explain to people the transformation they’ll get from working with you. Don’t just say what you do, tell them how it could change their life.

Stick with it – If you’re constantly changing what you do or who you’re targeting, people will get confused (and quickly).

Also, if you’re talking and your prospects aren’t in the room? It’s not going to matter how great your message is. So go out and find the people you’re trying to reach. Think strategically about which hashtags, Facebook groups, etc. are the best way to reach your ideal clients, and focus on them.

Does the message you’re sending out need some work?


People Buy Solutions to Their Problems: Yes, Even Evolved Spiritual People

If you want to work with clients that invest in you then please make sure that your services are solving urgent problems that your clients actually feel they have.

As a conscious entrepreneur we often are challenged to really simplify our language and to focus on tangible solutions and results.

Yet its the tangible results we ourselves invest in and our ideal clients are no different.

So speak in a language your clients want to hear.

People worry about money, health/beauty, relationships and anything that falls into subcategories within these broad categories.

People pay to have help making money in their business, losing weight, reversing illnesses and conditions, attracting a soulmate, have better relationships with their children, looking 10 years younger naturally and many others but you get the general idea.

They pay for tangible results and outcomes.

The inner work is really the vehicle to getting to those outcomes but thats not what people want to hear about.

So if you are a theta healer that helps people cure illnesses and reverse disease processes then lead with the results which is you can help people recover from illness and diseases without medication not that you are a theta healer with 4 certifications.

Also things like happiness coaching, empowerment coaching, and self-love coaching are all very intangible and do not provide solutions to problems that most people stay up at night worrying about (although more happiness, empowerment, and self love may well be the solution to the problem that is not what is going to draw them in to working with you.


Viable Niche


Top Reasons You are Not Currently Attracting Clients For Your Coaching or Healing Biz .

1. You are not clearly communicating what you do, who you do it for and the problems you solve for people. If people do not understand the results you can get them they will not feel compelled to invest in your services. If you do not believe in speaking to your clients “pain points” even though everyone has them this will also hold you back.

Get really clear on who you are what your niche is and what problems you solve for your ideal clients and clearly communicate this in your messaging.

2. You are not giving enough by providing great content and value on a consistent regular basis. In order to hire you, prospects need to see that you are an expert in what you do and the way to show this is to share your content for free. Once people see the amazing value you provide for free they will happily pay you to solve their problems.

The key is quality not necessarily quantity, as long as you are consistently visible, providing more quality information that really helps your ideal clients don’t be strategic in what you put out there as putting out fluff or off brand material will only work against you.

3. You are not really being yourself and instead are following the crowd, people (especially us intuitives) can really feel if you are not being authentic in your business and you run the risk of completely blending in with the crowd.