Are you creating programs?


One of the things I have noticed with many newer entrepreneurs in the realms of healing, intuitive work, and even coaching that I have worked with is when I begin working with them they have not created programs before.

In my personal opinion, healers, intuitives, and transformational coaches are some of the most needed people in society and many very gifted ones are not creating ways for their clients to work with them long enough to experience the magic of the transformation they can create.

There are many reasons I have come across for this common phenomenon; sometimes it is lack of clarity or overwhelm. Sometimes it is the feeling that one has to deliver a certain result and fear of not being able to deliver.

Sometimes it is a resistance to the structure or commitment because as intuitive types (I had to work through this inclination myself) we often resist creating the very container for ourselves that would bring the success we desire.

One of my favorite things to do with my clients is help them create programs (1 on 1 and group) that are aligned with their soul, solve a problem for people and that they love to offer and their ideal client needs and loves to buy.

I am really passionate about getting talented lightworkers out in the world sharing their gifts, creating financial freedom and raising the vibration and consciousness on the planet.

Sometimes shifting your mindset to acknowledging we are letting the people who need us most (our ideal clients, tribe) down if we do not offer them a way to work with us that meets them where they are at and takes them on the journey to where they want to go.

If you are a spiritually or intuitively based coach, healer, psychic or any other lightworker, who has been procrastinating on getting your work out in a big way consider that you and your work are really needed.

Please find a way to overcome fear and procrastination and share your light with us.