Most Entrepreneurs Are Unconsciously Repelling Success


Something that I realized this weekend while at a training put on by a big name coach is that many many entrepreneurs are just as afraid of success as failure.

If you are not doing regular inner work, this fear could show up in your business as sneaky self-sabotage in the form of procrastination, overwhelm, inconsistent income or other forms of resistance like unexpected expenses or tech issues that may feel like it is coming from outside you but is really just a reflection of your beliefs.

So if you are noticing that your reality is not currently reflecting what you are saying you want and have been setting intentions to create in your business start to examine what your underlying beliefs as they could be holding you back from manifesting everything you want in your life and business.

For example if you have a belief that if you make more money more expenses will just come up and it will go out as quickly as it came in then you will unconsciously repel creating more income in your business.

Or if you have a goal of making 30k a month in your business but secretly you are afraid of the things you would have to do to make it or if you have the systems in place to sustain it, you will also consciously or unconsciously play small.

This is why the inner work is so important. If the thought of having a seven figure year this year scares you more than excites you, it reflects there is work to be done.

Many people believe they want slow success but trying to slow it down can actually repel it all together.

Do whatever you need to do in order to take the training wheels off, let go of needing to control the timing and be willing to play full out in your business.