Your Integrity is Everything


Small consistent daily actions leads to success in business

For example meditating for 15 mins a day

Mindset work 5 mins a day

And taking 25 mins a day every day to write a post, offer value and engage a little in Facebook groups can lead to growth for your business

The key is consistency and sustainability, in my experience it is better to write one good post every day then to write 20 posts one day and then disappear for the next 6 days.

Is 3 posts a day even better?

Yes if they are all quality; but if that is too overwhelming start where you are. Find what you can commit to and do it consistently. If that becomes easy do a little more.

Find your personal balance. Stay visible. Have a practice to keep your vibration high and your mindset aligned

Forgive yourself if you miss a few days. You are human.

Then get back on track sooner than later

What are your own daily success practices?