Testing Niche Viability


Good Ways to Test if You Have a Clear and Viable Niche as a Coach, Healer, or Intuitive
Having a really clear niche can really help you attract clients much easier in your business.

The definition that I use for niche is the particular problem or problems you solve for a certain group of people (your ideal clients). I look at ideal client as generally having many things in common with you and being a few steps behind you in whatever area you are working with them on.

Ironically, the more narrow and targeted you can get your niche the easier it is for people to understand that you are the expert in that area.

It took me a really long time to truly narrow my own niche down and once I was able to get clear my business grew extremely quickly and I began attracting the clients that I really love working with on a regular basis.

In my case I am a business coach but I am also a psychic and an energy healer and my specialization is using all of my gifts in helping my clients overcome blocks, raise their vibration, align with their perfect niche and to create packages and programs that they love to sell and most importantly their ideal clients love to buy.

The problem I am solving is helping conscious women entrepreneurs (coaches, healers, intuitives, creatives) make more money in their business by being aligned in all of the above-mentioned ways.

If you are unsure if you currently have a niche at all or if your niche is going to really work for you here a few ways you can use to test this:

1. Ask yourself if you would invest in the services you are offering right now or would you have invested in them in the past?

Since we often have a lot in common with our ideal clients this is a great way to determine if our niche is solving a problem that people are willing to invest in solving or that people actually know that they have.

2. Have you clearly identified the ultimate outcomes your clients will receive through working with you? Although results are never guaranteed, if the general outcomes are not clear then your ideal clients will have a difficult time understand why they need your services.

3. Can you think of at least 50 people that have the problem that you solve and could be potential clients? This element is really important because you do not need thousands of potential clients but knowing that there are people out there that do need what you offer is a good barometer in testing if your niche is marketable.

I hope this was helpful to anyone that may still be struggling to clarify their niche. If you have any questions around this subject please feel free to ask.