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Top Reasons You are Not Currently Attracting Clients For Your Coaching or Healing Biz .

1. You are not clearly communicating what you do, who you do it for and the problems you solve for people. If people do not understand the results you can get them they will not feel compelled to invest in your services. If you do not believe in speaking to your clients “pain points” even though everyone has them this will also hold you back.

Get really clear on who you are what your niche is and what problems you solve for your ideal clients and clearly communicate this in your messaging.

2. You are not giving enough by providing great content and value on a consistent regular basis. In order to hire you, prospects need to see that you are an expert in what you do and the way to show this is to share your content for free. Once people see the amazing value you provide for free they will happily pay you to solve their problems.

The key is quality not necessarily quantity, as long as you are consistently visible, providing more quality information that really helps your ideal clients don’t be strategic in what you put out there as putting out fluff or off brand material will only work against you.

3. You are not really being yourself and instead are following the crowd, people (especially us intuitives) can really feel if you are not being authentic in your business and you run the risk of completely blending in with the crowd.