People Buy Solutions to Their Problems: Yes, Even Evolved Spiritual People

If you want to work with clients that invest in you then please make sure that your services are solving urgent problems that your clients actually feel they have.

As a conscious entrepreneur we often are challenged to really simplify our language and to focus on tangible solutions and results.

Yet its the tangible results we ourselves invest in and our ideal clients are no different.

So speak in a language your clients want to hear.

People worry about money, health/beauty, relationships and anything that falls into subcategories within these broad categories.

People pay to have help making money in their business, losing weight, reversing illnesses and conditions, attracting a soulmate, have better relationships with their children, looking 10 years younger naturally and many others but you get the general idea.

They pay for tangible results and outcomes.

The inner work is really the vehicle to getting to those outcomes but thats not what people want to hear about.

So if you are a theta healer that helps people cure illnesses and reverse disease processes then lead with the results which is you can help people recover from illness and diseases without medication not that you are a theta healer with 4 certifications.

Also things like happiness coaching, empowerment coaching, and self-love coaching are all very intangible and do not provide solutions to problems that most people stay up at night worrying about (although more happiness, empowerment, and self love may well be the solution to the problem that is not what is going to draw them in to working with you.