Got A Lot Of Stolen Ideas? You Might Be An Influencer!


I want to address something that I have seen a lot lately. People claiming other people stole their ideas or copied their content.

In general this comes from a scarcity mentality and an ego-based competitiveness. 

When I see posts complaining about this I see it as a reflection of some insecurity of the individual posting it not of the supposed copier and I know of many others who feel similarly

Really there is nothing new under the sun and for the most part we are all using the things we have learned from others, the universal consciousness and other sources and putting our own unique stamp on it.

You are constantly being influenced by the things you read, the people who mentor you, etc.

While copying word for word is just lazy, focusing on things like that outside of your control will only lower your vibration.

I have many times posted something and someone talks about something similar the next day. I have never saw that as them copying or stealing my ideas but if they were inspired me instead of influenced by the same universal consciousness I would feel blessed to have that impact.

I do not subscribe to the mentality that I will never have another great idea and they stole my best one for this is not true.

Focus on your own business instead of what other people are doing and you will have much greater success, and more importantly greater peace of mind, a higher vibration and more space for more amazing ideas to come to you.